New sharing features coming to WhatsApp

New update to whatsapp how to share

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will make it easier for you to share files with your friends and family. It started as a Multi Share Text feature, which allows users to share text from another app to more than one contact at the same time. Now, it’s evolved into something bigger.

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Support for sharing files to multiple contacts at the same time is coming to WhatsApp

The beta version of this new feature has already begun rolling out to members of the WhatsApp beta program. It works exactly like the Multi Share Text feature that came before it. To activate the feature, users need to share something from another app with more than two of their contacts. WhatsApp will do the rest. The feature will even show previews of the file and text to be shared, and will even play previews of the audio files that are being sent to each contact.

This is a simple update for WhatsApp, but it’s one that will offer a lot of functionality to users. Although we are all members of multiple WhatsApp groups these days, we’re not always in groups with the people we want to share things. Often, even if we are, we don’t want to share things with everybody else who is in the group. When the Multi Text and Multi File sharing tools get a wider roll-out to all WhatsApp users, we imagine they’ll be popular.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when this update will come to all WhatsApp users. The guys at WABetaInfo aren’t even sure when it will come to the beta testing version of the app, so we can expect it to be a way off for the rest of us. Fortunately, however, they report that WhatsApp is able to remotely enable the feature, so it could be turned on for beta users at any moment.

If you’d like to become a member of the WhatsApp beta program and gain early access to all the new features coming to the app, we can help you. All you have to do is follow the instructions we’ve laid out in the tutorial above. It isn’t just WhatsApp either. The beta testing phase is an important part of app and software development, so almost all big apps have a beta program. We’ve also laid out clear instructions for signing up to the beta testing phases for some of the most popular apps around. Check it out below.

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